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Comfortable & Supportive Push-Up Bra

Comfortable & Supportive Push-Up Bra

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Say goodbye to insecurity! 

With the Comfit bra, say goodbye to feeling insecure due to hanging breasts, cutting bra straps and upper back and shoulder discomfort!

The Comfit bra provides back and breast support and lifts your breasts so they look their best. The bra has the perfect balance between comfortable and making you feel attractive.

Be proud of your body, be confident and be happy!

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Protects - this bra protects your breasts from sagging and keeps them in shape.

Lifts & Stabilizes - this bra lifts your breasts for a more beautiful look with deep cleavage, stabilizes and also reduces bouncing of your breasts.

Comfortable material - the bra is super soft and stretchy. It is also breathable and moisture wicking. These features make the bra perfect for both everyday life and sports.

Improves your posture - the bra improves your posture by straightening the shoulders and pushing the chest forward.

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Product Features:

  • Bra style: Unlined
  • Material: Elastane + Nylon
  • Support type: underwire-less
  • Decoration: Lace

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